Tidal Rev Electric Longboard

Tidal Rev puts you in charge with powerful dual hub motors, 4 speed modes, and a 12.5-mile range. Propel without pushing off the pavement, hit high speeds, and coast for miles with the push of a button.


Top Speed

Up to 12.5-Mile Range

36V/4.0Ah/168W battery

4 Speed Modes

Low, medium, high, sport

Bamboo and Canadian Maple Build

Durable, pliable, and beautiful

Wireless Remote Control

Power in the palm of your hand


Weight Limit
Wireless Remote Control
Power in the palm of your hand. Easily monitor your battery level, change up your speed, and brake or back up as needed.
36V/4.0Ah/168W Battery
Ride up to 12.5 miles on a single charge. Charge in 3 hours or less.
Powerful Dual Hub Motors
Robust, yet quiet 1000W*2 hub motors.
4 Speeds
Take charge of your ride with four speeds to choose from: low, medium, high, or sport-speed. Choose your mode, slide the acceleration dial forward, and you're off!
Glide right over sidewalk cracks with large, shock-absorbing 90mm PU-85A wheels.
Grab Handle
Take your e-board to-go with its convenient, built-in handle.