Lewis and Clark Cycling

Smart Trainer Home Install

At Home Smart Trainer Setup and Instruction - $85 (For those purchasing trainer at Lewis & Clark), and located within 15 miles of an L&C store (for further distances, we can come at an additional cost.  

Setting up a smart trainer can be a little intimidating.    It's not hard, but for those that are setting one up for the first time, there's a bit of uncertainty.   

When you buy a Smart trainer, you can visit our guide to smart trainer apps, which are key in providing a fun, more realistic riding experience.   Once you've got your trainer, decided on an app, bike, tv/screen and necessary equipment you can schedule an appointment for us to come help you get everything set up.  When you order here, we'll contact you to schedule.  

We will attach the bike to the trainer, whether that be a direct drive or one with the wheel on the bike.   We will then set up the app and make sure you know how to use the trainer and give you some basic tips.  

The whole process will take about an hour.   When done, you'll be well on your way to a great indoor riding experience.