Lewis and Clark Outfitters

September Fellowship Katy Trail Trip - 2022

September 21 - 24th;

21st - Drive to Sedalia after lunch.  Stay at Hotel Bothwell (not Brothel).  Very cool old hotel and it's affordable.     

22nd -  Free Continental Breakfast at hotel.   Be picked up by Shuttle and/or train from Sedalia to Jefferson City.  Take luggage to hotel.   Up to 5 people on trip, we'll be picked up by a shuttle from Jefferson City (more than 5 people), I'll book train tickets for those (have to know by 6PM on September 8th to get final numbers).  We'll be Riding by 1PM.  Since this is a shorter day - do outback 20-25-ish miles and back east, for a 40-50 mile round trip day.  Stay at AirBnb or Baymont Inn (based on total numbers).  
23rd - ride from Jefferson City to Boonville.  50 miles.  This is the most scenic section of the trail, several good stops for good, etc. along the way.   As an option, if people wanted, could do 8 into Columbia and 8 back to trail.  But that's really 66-68 miles in a day or 5.5 - 6 hours.  A long time on a bike.  We can vote on it later.  Stay at hotel or Airbnb, based on final head count.  

24th.   Ride from Boonville to Sedalia.  37 miles.   So an easy ride on the last day.   Limited food stops.   Could start a bit later, get lunch at the 13 mile point (only food option), and be done riding by 3.  Be home in NWA by 8-9 PM.  

Packing/gear hauling.   Based on our final head counts, we'll do this one of a couple different ways.  Either the gear on bikes or a trailer (tbd based on head count).   We will not be having people shuttling luggage as that's very expensive ($45 per bag per stop).  We're going to haul all our own gear.   Rob will give an overview on packing, etc. based on the final headcount.  I count all my gear for a 4 day trip in one small bag on my rack last time.
Everyone will have their own bed, whether it be hotel or Airbnb. 
This covers all nightly stays and shuttling/train.  The additional per person costs will be fuel/travel to Sedalia and Back, and food/snacks while we are there.   If it's hotels, I'm only booking ones with the free continental breakfast.