Reid 12" Balance Bike

Now available at the warehouse. Order here and have your bike delivered to our shops within about 5 - 10 business days.  All 12" kids bikes purchased on our website, are eligible for our kids trade up program.  When your child outgrows it, we'll give you back what you paid for it, toward the purchase of the next size up.  

The perfect ultra-lightweight, customisable balance bike for kids 2+. The Freddie balance bike comes with an 8x alphabet sticker pack so you can write your child’s name or anything else you’d like on the downtube! Learn the art of bicycle balance in style and give your children their first taste of freedom.

The Freddie Balance Bike is the perfect first bike for your child aged 2+. Perfect for teaching your child the art of bicycle balance, once they’ve mastered this, they can more easily graduate to a bike with pedals.

The Freddie Balance Bike is customisable and comes with 8 alphabetical sticker sets so that you and your child can together write their name or anything you like on the downtube. This customisable balance bike is a great way to engage your child with cycling and have a truly personalized experience for their first ever bike!