Portland Design Works

King of Ding II Bell

Coming in hot! This limited edition King of Ding II is laser engraved "COMING IN HOT" Perfect for speed demons, messengers, cat6 champions, and anyone else who "can't stop, don't want to." The bell is made of solid brass and comes equipped with a brass striker for a loud clear ring, sure to clear the path. The alloy mount is easy to install and fits 22.2-25.4 mm handlebars. 

    • Solid brass bell 
    • Brass striker
    • Alloy mount 
    • Bell measures 2" round
    • Fits 22.2-25.4 mm handlebars
    • Left-hand mounted bells allow for thumb ringing
    • Right-hand mounted bells allow for index finger ringing
    • Lifetime PDWarranty