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Lewis & Clark / Clubhaus Fitness E-bike Training Program February - March 2023

Lewis & Clark / Clubhaus Fitness E-bike Training Program 

Here's a new program coming to you for 2023, brought to you by Lewis & Clark Outfitters and Clubhaus Fitness of Fayetteville!

WHO: Anyone who purchased/ordered an E-bike from Lewis & Clark from 06/01/2022 through 01/31/2023 is eligible for the first program at no charge!   

Those that purchased an E-bike from Lewis & Clark prior TO 06/01/2022 are eligible to enroll in the program for $150.   Others can purchase the program for $300. If you quality and have not heard from us, email us at info@lewisandclarkoutfitters.com with the subject line “E-bike Training”

THE PROGRAM - Beginning February 1 through March 31, 2023 


Our goal is to put you through a program that will help you transition from winter to the warmer weather riding season, give you fitness skills and tips, better improve your fitness, and riding and maintenance skills so by the time cycling season rolls around (pun intended), you're ready to roll!

  • Buy an E-bike at Lewis & Clark and be eligible to enroll in our E-bike fitness program in February and March, a $300 Value; 
  • Enrollees will get access to a 60 day training program to get you ready for the warmer weather, including:
  • 10 Class Sessions at Clubhaus Fitness. We will have a schedule / recommendation of classes for you including 8 sessions designed for the program once a week and 2 additional sessions at your discretion;  
  • At Least 2 Guided Rides during the program (weather permitting).  These rides will be scheduled as far in advance as we can, and will announce based on weather. 
  • 1 Free Scan by Fit3D for those who want it. The Fit3D does three things: it gives your body composition analysis, and by that we mean the percentage of fat mass and the percentage of lean body mass;  It gives your body shape rating;  It gives us great information about your postural analysis; 
  • Training / exercise recommendations; 
  • Access to One Level 1 Lewis & Clark Maintenance Class.  Learn how to take care of your bike for optimum performance;    
  • Access to One Level 1 Lewis & Clark Riding Skills Class. In these classes, you will learn basic riding, shifting, braking, balance and starting skills;  



  • Purchase an E-bike from Lewis & Clark and we'll send you an email that allows you to enroll in the program.  There will be limited slots available in the first session.  If demand outpaces supply, we'll add additional programs.   At the time of purchase of your E-bike, our Outfitters will give you the discount code.  If you've already purchased one, you'll be emailed a code. 
  • You'll get a code to sign up for the 10 sessions at Clubhaus Fitness.  Once enrolled, you will sign up for the classes via their app;   
  • You'll get a schedule of the sessions.   There will be 8 weekly cycling / general fitness classes on Saturdays that are designed for this program.   Other classes at Clubhaus can help, but are not specifically designed for this program.   On the Saturday mornings for this program, we will also have a few demo E-bikes at Clubhaus.   
  • You'll get a coupon code to sign up for bike maintenance and skills classes at Lewis & Clark.  The schedule of these classes will be on the L&C Facebook Page. 
  • We will communicate with all enrollees in the class via Groupme and a group Facebook page.  


Still Have Questions?  

Send an email to info@lewisandclarkoutfitters.com 

Clubhaus Fitness is located at 150 N. Skyline Drive, Fayetteville, Arkansas (on top of Mt. Sequoyah).