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Gazelle Ultimate T10+

Order any 2 E-bikes 1,499 and up and get $200 off your order. 

All Gazelle's ordered through May 29 qualify for free Gazelle Commuter Bag.  Click here for link to the bag. 

Currently Available in the warehouse in all sizes / colors.   Inventory on our site is updated daily.   Order online for in store delivery.     

Gazelle Demo Bikes currently available in the store.  

Class 3 E-bike, pedal assist up to 28MPH.

Gazelle Sizing, this bike comes in mid step in 46, 53 and 57, and high in 53 and 57. 

4'10" - 5'6" - Size 45-46 / Small

5'6" to 5'10" - Size 50 - 53 / Medium

5'10" to 6'3" - Size 55-57 / Large

  • Bosch Performance Line Speed motor (85 Nm) providing support up to 28 mph with integrated 500 Wh battery
  • Great quality derailleur and powerful disc brakes for a sporty and confident performance
  • Suspension front fork, wide tires, and a relaxed posture provide extra comfort
  • Dual battery capability doubles range potential
  • Weight about 51 lbs.
  • This model has a chain and derailleur

 Arrive at work fast and relaxed with the Ultimate T10+ HMB. A dynamic contemporary design combined with the integrated motor and battery give the Gazelle Ultimate T10+ HMB a striking yet stylish presence. The aluminum frame is exceedingly stable, which translates into sporty handling and optimum agility. In addition to high-grade components, a high comfort level has been achieved by using puncture-resistant tires, ergonomic handlebar grips and a suspension front fork.

Available in both high and mid-step options, the streamlined, racy frame is complemented by a bump-absorbing Suntour Mobie 45 suspension front fork with 80mm of travel.

The integrated in-tube design offers a sleek and modern look, and the high-capacity 500Wh battery provides extensive range.

The latest generation Bosch Performance Line Speed motor creates a smooth ride with powerful assistance (85Nm of torque) for fast, effortless cycling.

Our powerful battery provides excellent range

55 mi
500 Wh
13,4 Ah
55 mi
35 mi
25 mi
20 mi