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Roam E+ GTS

What's My Size?

In stock at warehouse.  Order here for in store pickup.  Small, medium and large are $2,200.   XL is $2,750.   

Order 2 E-bikes $1,499 and up, and get $200 off your purchase. 

Class I E-bike.  Pedal assist up to 20 MPH. 


Small - 5'3" - 5'7"

Medium - 5'7" - 5'10"

Large - 5'11" - 6'3"

XL - 6'2" - 6'7"

ALL-ROAD CAPABILITIES Powerful SyncDrive Core motor, light and durable ALUXX SL aluminum frame, and wider tires give you the ability to ride any road, any route.

COMFORT AND CONTROL 60mm suspension fork and wider tires improve comfort and control on rough roads or paths.

LONGER RANGE Long-lasting EnergyPak Smart 400 battery allows you to ride farther without running out of power.


The new Roam E+ blends the best qualities of a mountain bike and a road bike and helps you ride smooth roads, rough roads, bike paths or trails. It’s fun, easy and ready to roll and comes with a powerful SyncDrive Core motor and EnergyPak 400 battery that allows you to ride farther without running out of power.



Explore new places, new roads, and new adventures with the 160 km range of the reliable EnergyPak battery. The SyncDrive Core Motor delivers 50Nm of torque and has six speed control settings, ranging from 50-300% pedal assistance.

Powered for Fun

The reliable EnergyPak 400Wh side-release battery is beautifully integrated into a lightweight and durable ALUXX SL-Grade aluminum frame for a bike that zips along on longer adventures.

Smooth Riding

SyncDrive motor technology smooths out bumps along the ride, and RideControl ONE controls are easy to access and use on the handlebar to select pedal assist functions and view battery levels.


How far can I expect to ride on a single battery charge?

The range for a single battery charge can vary greatly depending on conditions such as the combined weight of the rider and cargo; wind resistance; tire pressure and tread profile; terrain and elevation changes; road or trail surface; outdoor temperature; maintenance of the E-Bike; and the condition of the battery.

The Roam E is rated at 35 miles for extreme riding at high pedal assist levels, up to about 95 miles on the high end. 


    With the Roam E+’s lightweight ALUXX SL-Grade aluminum frame plus powerful pedaling assistance, what once seemed impossible is now within reach. The handlebar-mounted RideControl ONE lets you adjust riding modes, and it has key data indicators – battery level and support level. The Roam E+ offers six levels of assistance for speed control, which adds 50%-300% of your power to your pedal stroke. The fully integrated EnergyPak side-release battery makes removing and charging easy. The Roam E+ is equipped with a solid braking system for faithful traction. This bike can take you from around-town rides to dirt paths or gravel roads seamlessly.