Pre-Qualification FAQs

If you are approved, you will receive 0% annual percentage rate for 24-month financing on your first 30 days of purchases. After 30 days, purchases on your UNIFY Engage Rewards Visa will be adhere to the rate you qualify for

Once you are pre-qualified, a UNIFY team member will reach out to you to complete your application with the required documents and will also discuss your ongoing rate after the special offer expires, when you will receive your card, and other loan related details.

No. This will not harm your credit score. We will show you the credit amount and annual percentage rate you qualify for BEFORE you apply.

A soft inquiry normally occurs when a lender is considering qualifying you for an offer. Soft inquiries are only seen by you and the credit bureau on your credit report. This does not impact your credit score. A hard inquiry typically occurs when you apply for credit from a lender, such as for a credit card, mortgage, or other loan. Hard inquiries can be seen by other lenders and can affect your credit score.

Your pre-qualification is valid for 30 days from the date you receive your pre-qualification offer.

A UNIFY team member will work with you to discuss why we could not approve you.

No. To receive the offer that you are pre-qualified for, you will still need to open a UNIFY membership and apply for the credit card. By doing so we are able to fully analyze and verify your income, etc. Our UNIFY team will reach out to you and confirm your information in order to fulfill your offer.