Bike Updates

Why are There Bike Shortages?

Covid caused a 4-6 month pause in manufacturing, then demand spiked all at once, worldwide. Bike manufacturers immediately got a year behind and there is no way for them to catch up quickly. Also, Covid has, and continues to, disrupt manufacturing of bikes and bike parts, as production facilities overseas have been forced to shut down for months at a time.

OK, So How can I get a bike this year?

We have created several tools and systems to help you find a bike. The good news is bikes are flowing faster than in the past year. The bad news is often when the bike you want comes available, you may only have minutes or hours to get it before it’s gone and not available again for a while. So we have created multiple tools to help:

Come to the stores and work with our people. They can help you select the bike models and size that would best suit you. We still have thousands of bikes shipping this year, and for the most part, we know about when they will be arriving. They can help you reserve one that way. Our Outfitters have all the tools to find you a bike and frankly, they have fun helping you find a bike;

Shop on our website for available models: When a bike says it’s available to buy there and tells you about when it will be in, that’s usually very accurate, as it’s based on bikes coming in over the next 1-4 weeks. However, additional bikes come available daily / hours that by the time we get them up there, someone has already bought them. There are some models that say sold out, that you can actually get another way (see next item);

Sign up for our text alert system: We are alerting people on a daily basis when bikes come up for sale, either in our stores or on our vendors consumer sites. We see our best sellers come available every day on Giant, Liv and Momentum sites.
When bikes become available on vendor sites, they’re open to anyone in the
country and we’ve seen them sell hundreds of bikes in minutes. So when you
get an alert, we recommend not waiting too long. This is the way our vendors
have chosen to get bikes to consumers the fastest and most fairly