Retrospec Tidal Drop Down Longboard

  • Dimensions41" x 9 1/2"
  • Material9-ply Canadian Maple
  • ShapeSymmetrical "Drop-Down" style, moderate concave
  • Grip tapeOS780 - extra gritty
  • Dimensions70mm diameter x 50mm wide
  • Material85A - PU (polyurethane)
  • BearingsABEC-9 stainless steel, 608ZZ
  • Dimensions - Hanger7" (178mm)
  • MaterialCast aluminum alloy
  • TypeSlant reverse kingpin, 50°
  • Bushings/Cushions90A, PU casted, color-coordinated
  • Risers12mm
  • Board Weight~8.05 lbs
  • Recommended Weight Limit220 lbs

If speed is what you need...

See ya, wheelbite

Balancing is a breeze

Tidal's deck is lower in the center, which secures your feet to the board, keeps your center of gravity low, and provides you with unsurpassed stability and control as you ride.