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Gazelle Arroyo C8 HMB Elite

Both colors and all sizes available  in the warehouse to order, for in-store pickup within 10 business days.    Demo Gazelle's available at the store. 

Class 1 E-bike, pedal assist up to 20 MPH

What's my Size.  Bike comes in low step in 46, 53 57:

4'10" to 5'6" - Size 46

5'6" to 6'0" - Size 53

6'0" to 6'5" - Size 57

Discover the Gazelle Arroyo C8 HMB Elite

The Gazelle Arroyo C8 HMB Elite offers a joyful introduction to the best of both bike worlds: an easy, elegant Dutch-style bike and a masterfully designed machine that beautifully integrates with Bosch e-bike technology. Featuring an approachable low-step frame, relaxed geometry, and best-in-class components, the Arroyo C8 is a capable all-arounder for trips of any type or duration, thanks to a powerful motor, high capacity battery, and thoughtful accessories.


Comfort and Class

The Gazelle Arroyo C8 offers elegant style and a premium ride-feel. An approachable low-step and relaxed geometry paired with a refined drivetrain and best-in-class components make the Arroyo the perfect allrounder.


Elegance and Power

A mid-mounted Bosch Active Line Plus motor provides up to 50 Nm of torque and whle an integrated 500 Wh in-tube battery enables a low center of gravity and distinctly smooth ride feel in an elegant and classic silhouette.


A Modern Classic

Legendary Dutch style with integrated ebike technology and comfort-optimized componetry. Lightweight suspension, puncture-resistant tires, and smooth shifting ensure comfort on all rides.

Specifications ofGazelle Arroyo C8 HMB Elite

Our powerful battery provides excellent range

70 mi
500 Wh
13,4 Ah
70 mi
45 mi
35 mi
25 mi