FOX High Pressure Shock Pump (350 psi)

Available online only. Orders will be available to pick up at stores within 5 business days

The Fox Suspension High-Pressure Shock Pump is perfect for maintaining your shock and seat post air pressure.


  • Max. pressure 350 PSI covers all shocks (350 is the max PSI on DPS and DPX2)
  • Durable stainless swivel pump head (UP-SA) allows for pump to access shocks where linkages would get in the way with a traditional pump head
  • 6063 alum barrel and handle
  • Micro-adjust 2-3 PSI air-bleeder
  • Foldable hose

Valve Compatibility: Schrader
Max Pressure: 350 PSI
Pump Type: High Pressure
Gauge: Analog
Material: Aluminum
Color: Black