by Rob Potts March 19, 2023

You're looking at Electric bikes - it can be overwhelming.  We have 10 brands and over 80 models to choose from. It's even hard for us to keep them straight.  Then, if you've ever done a Google or Facebook search for an E-bike, you're getting bombarded with ads from all the Electric Bike companies. 

We Carry Giant, Liv, Momentum, Gazelle, Euphree, Denago, Kona, Super73, Retrospec and Anywhere Electric Bikes.  Most of those brands got on our list here.  We've reviewed Electric Bikes from Giant, Liv, Euphree, Gazelle, Denago, Kona and Super73 here.  

We hope this helps you sort through the clutter.  These are our top picks, based on what our Outfitters like, Customer Feedback, Quality, Features, Best Sellers and in the most popular categories.  We've been selling, riding and servicing Electric bikes for over 10 years.  

We won't claim to be totally unbiased.  First of all, we've selected our vendors based on a few factors:  Quality of the Product;  Follow up on service an warranty and support (we've made mistakes in the past here); Price/Value; Are they a U.S. Based company (a lot of E-bike companies are really the manufacturer pretending to be a bike company, without adequate follow up, warranty support, etc).   We've definitely brought in bike companies we later learned had little to offer in terms of follow up, quality control, and since have learned to better evaluate them.   We have ridden all of these bikes, some a lot, and some of us own or have owned these models.  

To add to the confusion, You'll see a lot of online articles that review the "Top 10 E-bikes".  They're not at all unbiased, with these articles falling primarily into two categories:   1) They're an advertisement for the bike company(s) appearing as a review/blog.  A lot of companies have their ad agencies write "blogs" disguised as reviews.     2) Those doing it for clicks/views and/or a commission.   If their site has a link for where to buy the bike, they are getting paid, either through clicks or a commission from the bike companies themselves.  Some disclose this, some do not.   Some simply get a free bike for their review, but if there's a link to click, odds are they're getting paid by the bike companies.  If you notice, so many of the "best of" articles include pretty much exclusively models/lines that can also be sold direct to consumer.   That's because these lines pay the reviewer a commission, while most of the traditional bike companies do not do this.  So the E-bikes from the traditional bike companies are often left off these lists.  

Also - watch for reviews that only include stock photos and where they never actually say they rode the bike!  There's not a bike on here we haven't ridden many times and have put anywhere from dozens to hundreds of customers on these models.

Naturally, we recommend buying from a bike shop.  You'll get follow up support and service.   When you build an E-bike out of the box, it's not going to be tuned correctly and you'll pay at least $75 to a shop just to get it tuned right (if they will even tune it).   A poorly tuned bike will not only be a headache, but it won't last as long.   We do build Direct To Consumer E-bikes for $150.   When you buy from us, we build it, give you lifetime free tune ups (saving you $100 - $150+ a year in service) and will work on your behalf if there's a problem with the bike.  Plus we have our 30 Day Test Ride Program.  If you get an E-bike from us and decide it's not the right one, we give you 30 days, we'll give you what you paid and swap out for a different bike.   

We didn't put the full specs on every bike on the summary review, as that's all on our page.   If we've written a more in depth review of the bike, or a comparison review between multiple bikes, we've also included those links.  





Denago City Model 1 ($1,299)
Denago City Model 2 ($1,399)





Euphree City Robin X ($1,999)





Euphree City Robin 2022 ($1,699)





Giant Roam E (sale: $2,200)
Liv Wm's Rove E (sale: $2,200)





Giant Talon E (sale: $2,300)
Liv Wm's Tempt E (sale: $2,300)





Giant Stance E 1 (sale: $4,208)
Giant Stance E 2 (sale: $3,740)
Liv Wm's Embolden E 2 (sale: $3,740)





Gazelle Arroyo C7 HMB ($3,399)





Denago Commute Model 1 Step Through ($1,799)
Denago Commute Model 1 Step Over ($1,799)





Giant Trance X E+3 (Sale: $5,300)
Giant Trance X E+2 (Sale: $5,900)
Kona Remote 130 (sale: $5,599)  






Giant Explore E (sale: $2,900)
Liv Wm's Amiti E (sale: $2,900)






Kona El Kahuna SUV ($3,799)





Super73 R ($3,295)
Super73 RX ($3,695)





Denago Fat Tire Step Through ($1,799)
Denago Fat Tire Step Over ($1,799)






Denago City Model 1 ($1,299) and City Model 2 ($1,399) - Click here for link to the bikes on our site

The Model 1 comes in both a Top Tube and Step Through Version.  Both come in a - one size fits most.  For the City Model 2, they upgraded the styling and each comes in two sizes, to better custom fit the rider.  

Denago came out with the City Model 1 in 2022 and already upgrading.   Both are great E-bikes and both give you pedal assist up to 28 MPH and throttle only up to 20 MPH for under $1,400, which is impressive.   This bike has a 500W motor.  For climbing our hills in NWA, we do not recommend anything under that.  If you want a bike that's great for riding our paved trails here, that's a great value without all the bells and whistles (racks, fenders, lights, can all be added - but we recommend different bikes when you're doing those additions). 

The company is based in Dallas, and has assembled a great and knowledgeable team, to support their bike shops and customers.   We've got demo's of this bike for you to ride in both the step through and mid step. The bikes also have a handle on the back of the seats, which makes it much easier to lift. 

Click here for a link to the Denago Brand Overview on our Site



Euphree City Robin X ($1,999) - Click here for a link to the bikes on our site

Since their inception, Euphree has been perfecting this bike every year, based on customer feedback.  Everything they do seems to be to build the very best bike they can for you for the money and back it up with great support.  They're based in Houston and get bikes here quickly.  The results are a well styled bike (our favorite in this class), with great lines, in four color options, and they've even tucked the front cables into the handlebars, giving it a clean look.   No one else does that.   

We've written a full write up of the brand and the bikes, so we won't give you all the details.  In short: 

The bike gives you pedal assist up to 28 MPH, throttle only feature up to 20 MPH, a Samsung Battery, name brand  motor, the brightest headlight/tail light of any of our E-bikes, gear protector, a nicer front shock than other bikes in it's class (with a lockout) and by far the best rear seat post shock of any bike we carry, giving you a very comfortable ride (seat post can be added to other bikes for $120).   It also has a rack that's welded on and painted to match the bike, giving you much more carrying capacity than most bikes in it's class, while giving it a sleek look. It also has a 500W battery with 900W of peak climbing power, which is best in it's class. 

It does come in one style and one size only, fitting riders from 5'3" to 6'3".  This prevents shorter riders from riding it, but with it's adjustable stem, makes it easy to adjust to riders of a variety of heights, which is nice to have in a house with people of multiple sizes. 

One drawback we found is that some riders in the 5'3" range, like the seat lower than it will go with the shock, so some ask us to swap out for a different seat post to lower the seat height. 

They do have a two year warranty on mechanical and electronic components.  The industry standard is 1 year. 

We do also have a full write up of the Euphree line on our page.  We've got demo's of this bike for you to ride. 

Click here for a full review and comparison of the Euphree E-bikes



Euphree City Robin 2022 ($1,699) - Click here for a link to the bikes on our site

They launched this bike in 2022 and based on customer feedback, launched the X version not even a year later.   Basically, the bike should retail for $2,000 - $2,100 and is on sale while supplies last (White and Black Available).

It's basically exactly like the X, with the following differences:

- Lights are better than many E-bikes, but not as bright as the X version; 

- Motor as 750 watts of peak climbing power, instead of 900, but still great for our area, and comparable to it's competitors;

- Front cables aren't tucked into the front; 

- One less water bottle mount;  

- The rear light is only a light and doesn't double as a brake light. 

So if you're looking for a great value, this bike gives you almost everything the X model does and hundreds of dollars of features it's competitors don't have, and all at a lesser price than the competition. We've got demo's of this bike. 

Click here for a full review and comparison of the Euphree E-bikes



Giant Roam E / Liv Rove E (on sale for $2,200 in March, 2023 - reg $2,750) - Click here for a link to the bikes on our site

We've written a full review of these bikes on our site, as well as a comparison to several other of the bikes.    So for a really detailed look, you can read more there. 

At $2,750 these bikes beat it's competitors, but at the current sale price of $2,200, this really is the best overall bike value we have.   A mid drive bike, giving you 20 MPH of pedal assist, and up to 95 miles per charge!

The Roam comes in a step over and mid step, while the Rove comes in a mid step.   Why don't these bikes come in a low step version?  They're higher performance bikes, made for the rider who wants to do pavement, explore the gravel roads and the occasional mountain bike trail.   You can't have a bike made to do that kind of terrain, while being agile, in a low step - the frame will just flex too much.  You are in a comfortable position on these bikes, but not as upright as many of the paved trail E-bikes, but not as aggressive as on a mountain bike.  For a performance bike like this, you don't want to be sitting really upright when you hit the gravel or dirt.  

The bike doesn't come with bells and whistles like racks, fenders, lights.  Simply a great performing bike for riding most any terrain you want, at a great price.   You can always add those features later, as the Roam/Rove are really adventure bikes, that you can customize yourself (or not). 

We're not shy about liking mid drive E-bikes.  They give you a more natural feel, are more responsive (especially on more rugged terrain) and help you get a more natural workout.   But they don't have a throttle, which is an important feature for many.   Mid drive are also more quiet and having the motor in between the pedals allows for a smaller battery and motor, meaning you can get more power with less weight, which is why this bike comes in around 50 lbs, depending on the size.  The bike has 50Nm of torque, which is great for our paved trails, gravel roads and many mountain bike trails.  

If you want a great bike to ride our paved trails and dirt road, this bike is an amazing bike.  We'll be shocked if the sale lasts past March.   We've got demo's of this bike and frequently take it for rides.  

Click here for a full review of these bikes

Click here for a comparison of the Roam/Rove with the Explore/Amiti



Giant Talon E  / Liv Tempt E (on sale for $2,300 in March, 2023 - reg $2,900); Limited supplies left

Like the Roam / Rove, we've written articles on why we love this bike and mountain E-bikes as well, and you can read those overviews for more.   At $2,900, this bike is right there with the competition.   At $2,300, they're starting to run low and we doubt the sale will last past March.    These bikes have the identical motor, battery and mechanical parts as the Roam / Rove.   They just have a more aggressive front suspension fork and beefier tires. So they'll do more rugged terrain, with a bit less pedal assist per charge, due to the increased weight and friction from the tires.  They're both rated at the same (up to 93 miles per charge), but we've found the Roam/Rove give a few more miles of pedal assist per charge.  They are pedal assist up to 20 MPH, as are all mountain E-bikes, as more than that is not allowed on most mountain bike trails throughout the country, and you really don't need more on trails.  

Why a mountain E-bike?  It will do it all.  Regular mountain bikes aren't much fun on pavement.  But E-Mountain Bikes are.  Pavement, Gravel/Dirt, Mountain bike trails - this bike will do them all.  Many of us have mountain E-bikes and ride all those surfaces in the same day - who else can do that!  We've got demo's of this bike and frequently take it out on the trails by the store.  

If you want a super comfortable, upright E-bike, this isn't the bike for you.  But if you love to do all types of riding, then it is.  If you're looking at the Roam/Rove but want to do some more mountain bike trails, you should look at this bike, which can handle intermediate level trails.   The bike has 50Nm of torque, which is great for our paved trails, gravel roads and many mountain bike trails.  It won't get you up the steep mountain trails as many of the more powerful mountain bikes, but will handle intermediate trails very well.  

Giant is based in California, and has fantastic support for it's bikes. We've been a Giant dealer for over 20 years now. 

Click here for a more in depth look at these bikes



Giant Stance E 1 & 2 and Liv Embolden E 2 (on sale at $3,740 for 2, $4,208 for the Stance 1) - shop all Full Suspension E-bikes here

Why are pedal assist full suspension mountain bikes on sale, when not a year ago, we couldn't even get them!?    That's simple - these are the bikes we've been waiting for and they finally arrived.   Production issues help up a lot of bikes for 6 - 12 months, especially full suspension.  So now these bikes are hitting right on top of the 2023 models, and you get to benefit!

We won't try to sell you on mountain E-bikes again.  We just did that with the Talon/Tempt above.    Though with the full suspension, the Stance can handle even more rugged terrain than the hard tails and do it more comfortably.  Among the benefits to full suspension are - more comfortable / easier on your legs, back and neck, as the bike absorbs all the trail bumps, instead of you.   It's also better for performance as instead of the back tire jumping around on roots and rocks, it stays more firmly planted than a hard tail.   Also, you get 70Nm of torque here, which is a great upgrade from the hard tails, and plenty to get you up any of the trails here.  

Why a "value".  The Stance/Embolden are great full suspension bikes for the person who wants to tackle a lot of terrain comfortably.   But if you're getting into jumping and really aggressive riding, we recommend other models (below).  It's not the lightest mountain bike at around 54 lbs, but gives the person who is mostly staying on the ground a great bike that will keep you comfortable riding for years.   And if you also want to ride pavement or dirt roads, they're great for that.  Many in our area ride from mountain to mountain trail, along our paved trails and use the pedal assist to get them along the way on the pavement, which makes for a great day of adventure.   If you're looking for a bike to do a lot of jumping and very aggressive riding, we've picked some other models below. 

What's the difference between the Stance 1 and 2.  The Stance 1 adds a more powerful battery, dropper seat post (we highly recommend) and beefier front shock, plus 12 gears instead of 10 on the Stance 2.  Pedal assist per charge is up to 110 on the 2's and 130+ on the 1. 



Gazelle Arroyo C7 HMB ($3,399) - See the Gazelle Line Up Here

Gazelle is our only brand with bikes not made in Asia.  They're made in the Netherlands, where about 98% of people ride bikes on a regular basis.   We've also got a full overview of the Gazelle brand and all their bikes, on our page. 

With that experience, they really pay attention to the details as people ride there and leave their bikes outside all the time.   Because of that, they've got amazing quality paint jobs,  integrated front and rear lights, integrated lock, all bikes are mid drive (using Bosch systems), amazing warranties (2 years on all parts, 10 on the frames) and they've really paid attention to the details on a bike.  The adjustable stem on this bike is amazing.  If you want to be in a more or less upright position, you can adjust it in seconds, without any tools! 

The bike has a twist shifter, and internal hubs, so there are no external gears for you to worry about.  The chain is also completely covered, so you don't have to worry about chain grease when wearing nicer clothes.   The bike has a front and rear shock, 50Nm of climbing torque (plenty for our area) and with all that comes in at a light weight 51 lbs.

If you're looking for a premium mid drive pedal assist bike that's great for our paved trails (can also handle gravel), this is it.   It comes in two colors and we've got demo models for you to ride at the store.  

See our Gazelle Reviews / Overview Here



Denago Commute Model 1 Top Tube and Step Through ($1,799);  Shop the Denago's here

Commute Model 1 was named "best new commuter eBike" by the editors of and appears on their list of "18 best electric bikes you can buy right now."

This bike has more bells and whistles than the City Model.  It not only comes in two frame styles, but also in two sizes per model, enabling it to fit a wider range of people, from about 4'11" to 6'5".   Like the City Model, it also has the handle on the back seat, allowing you to lift it off and off a rack more easily.  This isn't a minor feature - it helps a lot.  

One of the coolest features is the customization on the pedal assist, which got it on this list and makes it a favorite in the store.   First, you can lock out the pedal assist with a code, so if someone takes your bike, they can't use the pedal assist.  Also, while there are 5 pedal assist power levels (most bikes have 4-5) you can customize this bike even more.  Basically, you can program it on a low pedal assist setting where in all 5 modes, it won't feel as torquey (more like a mid drive bike) or you can ramp it all the way up to high, where the bike will really customize the ride.  This level of customization is really nice.   Also, the throttle only mechanism won't kick in until you've just started moving.  We've seen people accidentally hit the throttle on their bikes and take off sooner than expected.  

The bike has built in front and rear fenders, headlight and a rear rack.  Like the city model, the stem is adjustable for a variety of riding positions.  It also adds a shock in the seat post for a more comfortable ride.  

As to colors, Denago now has two colors on the step through and one on the step over.   The bike has 8 mechanical gears and a 500 watt motor.  It does have 2.6" wide tires, while many bikes of this nature keep the width under 2.25".  This better enables the Denago to navigate gravel/dirt roads and makes for a cushier ride, though adds a little weight.  If someone wanted to put skinnier tires on one, that would be easy to do, though we see no reason for that.  

Check out the full Denago Review Here



Tie - 2022 Giant Trance X E+2 and +3  (on Sale at $5,300 and $5,900) and Kona Remote 130 (On Sale at $5,599)  - Shop all Full Suspension here

There are so many reviews on all these bikes on the internet.  Videos, blogs, articles, etc.  So we aren't going to try and do either of these bikes justice with a few paragraphs here.  If you're looking at one of these, you're already a mountain biker and know where to find the reviews. 

Both Giant and Kona are first class companies, delivering amazing bikes with first rate support.  We've been carrying Giant for 20 years and Kona now for 16.  That's the longest we've carried bike brands and for good reason - both companies make a great product and stand behind it.  All these bikes will handle any terrain NWA has to offer.   Kona using Shimano pedal assist systems and Giant uses Yamaha systems, both of which are great.   

These bikes are all on sale now, which is crazy.   As we've discussed,  these bikes should have arrived nearly a year ago, but were delayed with production and shipping issues.  Now they're here, but arriving right on top of the 2023 models.  So you benefit on the pricing.   

You can link to the bikes on our page to see the full specs and see all the reviews on the internet to help you decide which one.   One of the guys at the shop has the Kona Remote 130, many of us have ridden it and it's an amazing bike.  The pedal assist is so quiet, you can barely hear it.   We've also ridden both the Giants at demo events and it's also a fantastic bike for our trails.  The Trance X Platform is a great upgrade from the regular Trance Platform, making the bike more versatile. 



Giant Explore E and Liv Amiti E (On sale in March for $2,900, reg $3,450) - Shop Here

We've done a full comparison overview of the Giant / Liv Roam / Rove to these two bikes.   The Explore E and Amiti E are great at the regular price, but at $2,900, they kill the competition. 

Basically, it's for the same type riding as the Roam / Rove, that we featured earlier.   Paved Trails, Gravel/Dirt and easy mountain bike trails.  It's an all around adventure bike.  So what are the differences:

- It's pedal assist up to 28 MPH.  So if you want to go riding with the fast road bike riders, this bike will handle it.  More torque at 70Nm. 

- Pedal assist up to 110+ miles per charge;  

- Built in rack, fenders and headlight/tail light; 

- Upgraded Screen

So if you want a bike you can ride the paved trails with, explore long distances on the gravel/dirt, keep up with the fastest road bike riders, and even hit some of the easier mountain bike trails - this bike will do almost everything!

See the full review here



Kona El Kahuna SUV $3,799 (Also comes in a regular mountain bike version at $3,099) - Mountain Bikes Here

So this is really cool what Kona has done here.  I (Rob) have the Kona El Kahuna mountain bike and basically have turned it into the El Kahuna SUV.   

The El Kahuna mountain bike is Kona's entry level hard tail.  While it retailed for $3,499 in 2022, they got the price down to $3,099 in 2023 (available in April).   

So what's the El Kahuna SUV.  The one drawback with the above Explore E / Amiti E is it will only handle the easier mountain bike trails.   

If you only need 20 MPH pedal assist, but want to tackle any of our mountain bike trails here, this bike will do it!  That's how I use my bike.  I added a rack and lights (just not the fenders).  On any given day, I might ride the paved trails, go mountain biking or hit the gravel dirt roads.  Many times, I've done all this in the same ride.  There's not many bikes that can do that.  

So compared to the El Kahuna Mountain bike, they have added:

  • Upgraded shock; 
  • Integrated front and rear lights;
  • Integrated fenders and rack; 
  • Bigger battery for longer rides. 

If you want an all around do it all Adventure bike, this one is great. 



Super73 R ($3,295) and RX ($3,695) - Shop Super73 Here

 These bikes are what they are.   We think of them more as electric motor bikes than pedal bikes.  Yes, they've got pedals but few people ever use them this way.  Super 73's are very customizable and they look great.   So what are they for?

Most people using them for getting around town using just the throttle, as a replacement for their car.  With the ability to upgrade the throttle to around 33 MPH throttle only, with just the app, these bikes will get you around town pretty quickly.  Plus, take it out on the gravel roads and they are amazing fun!   Or if you just want to calm down and ride the paved trails, these bikes will do that do.  We've got a demo at the store and we ride it all the time.  

Shop Super73 Here



Denago Fat Tire in Step Through and Step Over ($1,799) - Shop it Here

Think of this as basically the commute model with 4" wide tires, a more powerful motor and bigger battery.  The bike is also the only in the lineup with both front and rear integrated lights, and the rear also is a brake light.  It gives pedal assist up to 28 MPH and throttle up to 20.  

As with all fat tire bikes, we have our opinion on them, as do others.  They are fantastic for riding dirt/gravel roads.  You can explore such roads at top speeds while really feeling secure.  This is where the fat tire bikes really excel.   We've seen a lot of people get them for hunting and farm use as well.   If you're looking for riding only or mainly pavement, we'd encourage you to look at the Denago Commute Models, as for about 20 fewer lbs, you can get a bike that will do much of what this one will do. 

But if you're looking for a bike that's a blast at riding gravel/dirt roads and some of the easier mountain bike trails, this one will do it.  Commute to work - this bike will do that too.   You will sacrifice some weight on one of these and have to choose your rack carefully, as most bike racks top out at 60 lbs per bike.  So if you're looking for off road use, this would be your #1 choice in the lineup.  





FREE LIFETIME TUNE-UPS: As with all Lewis & Clark bikes, these models come with professional assembly and our Free Lifetime Tune-Up plan. Any time your bike isn’t shifting gears or stopping like it should, just bring it in, and we’ll take care of it. This includes our Standard Tune-up and adjustments. If you bring an E-bike for us to build that came from elsewhere, we charge $150. So the difference between buying a direct to consumer bike and one from us, is about $150 cost to build, then another $100 to $150 you’ll save in tune ups each year.

30 DAY TEST RIDE: It’s hard to know which bike you like until you’ve ridden it. Lewis & Clark has a 30-day test ride program with every bike you purchase. That means you have 30 days to see if it’s the right bike for you. If not, you can bring it back to trade for any other bike we have. Plus, if you’re a rebate member, you’ll get 5% back on E-bikes in store credit (10% on everything else).


Get 0% interest for 24 months when you sign up with our partner, Unify Federal Credit Union, or get 0% Interest for up to 12 months through Synchrony Financial.


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