by Rob Potts November 09, 2022

Picking out an E-bike can be overwhelming.    With all the traditional bike brands, the bike consumer already had plenty of E-bikes to choose from.  With E-bikes, there are all the sudden a considerable number of new brands out there, many that few have ever heard of.  Many of them sell only direct to the consumer, leaving even more unease as to what exactly are you getting and who are you buying it from. 

For the last 15 years, we've relied on the Giant family of brands (Giant, Liv, Momentum) and Kona almost exclusively for our bikes.    We do not like being the bike shop that has a ton of brands and sells a few bikes from each of them.   With E-bikes we started with that same approach, however, the market is both changing rapidly and there are a lot of different E-bikes out there with a very wide range of prices.  As of the date this was written, our E-bikes ranged in price from $700 to $15,000.  There is no one company that specializes in such a broad range.   

So here's an overview of our brands (10 in all), who all largely do different things from one another.   I won't get into all the in's and outs of choosing an E-bike, what they are, etc.  We've got other articles here for that (Our Intro to E-bikes article is a good place to start).   We also believe in E-bikes and want to bring the biggest and best assortment to allow you to choose, all under one roof.  We've seen E-bikes change countless lives, as they allow more people to ride, to ride more often, to ride farther, with more people on more adventures.  

I will list what I'd say are the major factors in choosing a bike, which leads us to why we've chosen the brands we have.  

- Price;  Riding Surface;  Quality;  Mid Drive or Rear Hub Drive;  Motor Power/Battery Capacity;  Desired Speed;  Pedal Assist Only Versus Pedal Assist with additional Throttle;  Weight/Transport;  Frame Shape; Other Features; Warranty/Company Backing the bike.  You can read about all of those in our into to E-bikes article. 

Most of the above categories are pretty self explanatory.  The most frequent question we get is, what is the difference between a mid drive and rear hub drive bike.   We elaborate on it more in our other articles.  In short, mid drive gives you a more natural pedal assist feel while rear hub drive gives you more a feeling you're being pushed.  Some riders like one, some the other.   Rear hub are typically less expensive and most of those have a throttle.   Mid Drive do not have a throttle - they are pedal assist only.   Mid Drive typically have more name brand motors and batteries than rear hub driven.  

On our site, you can shop by style, price, brand, surface, frame style, pedal assist speed and more.  We always keep in a couple dozen demo bikes and you can come by anytime, ride the bikes and let our people walk you through the process. 


Giant/Liv/Momentum.  Three brands - one family. We’ve sold Giant bikes since 2002.  Of all our brands, the Giant family has the widest assortment of E-bikes, ranging in price from $2,000 to $15,000 and everything from Paved Trail to Mountain and in between.  They've also been making bikes for 50 years and have a great history of standing behind their bikes.  Giant & Liv mostly have the same lineup of models, except Liv bikes are specifically designed for women.  These brands feature a broad assortment of models for all types of riders. They use only name brand electronic parts - usually Yamaha motors and Samsung batteries and include a lifetime warranty on frames and one year warranty on parts. Almost all of their bikes use mid-drive motors, giving you a natural ride feel.  They definitely have the most full suspension mountain E-bike line that we carry, with many models to choose from.  They are also the only brand we have with E-bikes under 40 lbs (Voya models);  

Momentum is Giant’s Paved-Trail line, that uses the same high-quality components. All models use mid-drive motors, except the Voya line, which give you a rear hub-drive motor at a lower price. Step through and step over options available. 

Kona.  We’ve carried Kona for over 15 years, and they make some amazing bikes. With E-bikes typically ranging from $3,000 to nearly $7,000, Kona is one of our premium brands.  As of the date of this article, they are only about a week away from launching their rear hub driven bikes, priced around $2,000, which can be previewed/ordered on our site.  Their rear hub bikes do not have throttles - they are pedal assist only. 

While they specialize in E-Mountain bikes (both hard tail and full suspension) and E-Gravel bikes they make some great paved trail bikes as well. Kona has a lifetime warranty on frames and one year on all parts.  Step through and step over options available.  They have bikes for pavement, gravel and mountain biking.   Kona has always given us great service and support and stands behind their product.  

Gazelle. This bike brand from the Netherlands and they’ve been building bicycles for over 130 years. They do one thing really well – build great paved trail bikes (they will also handle gravel/dirt). They are another of our premium brands, with prices ranging from $2,500 to $5,000. Gazelle primarily uses Bosch batteries and motor systems, and they offer a 10 year warranty on the frame, 5 on shocks, and 2 years on all parts. Their mid-drive, pedal-assist systems feel very natural, and are the quietest we’ve tested.  Their paint jobs are second to none, as they're built to be outside for extended periods of time.  Our E-bike page includes a full overview of all the Gazelle models.   They even have bikes with continuously variable transmissions.  Step through and step over options available.  They are one of our two brands that has a two year warranty on the electronic components.  While one of our newer brands, Gazelle has proven to have great support for their bikes. 

Aventon.  One of our newest lines - Aventon’s lineup features well-built, good looking bikes, all for under $2,000. All models are rear hub driven to save on cost, with some giving pedal assist up to 20 MPH and others 28MPH. As with most rear hub driven bikes, they have a throttle on them, so you can do throttle only up to 20MPH on all bikes.  They've been building E-bikes since 2018 and have a lifetime warranty on the frames and one year on everything else.  They have models that are pavement only, with others that will also do gravel/dirt and some off road.   While one of our newer brands, Aventon has given us great support on their product. 

Super 73 makes bikes unlike any of our other brands. Are they motorcycles or bikes?  It’s hard to tell by looking at them. Most of their models are pedal-assist bikes, so you can certainly pedal a Super 73 bike, but we’ve found that many riders choose to use the throttle-only setting most of the time. In short, these bikes are a blast to cruise all over town or on dirt trails. All models are one size only, fitting riders from about 5’0” to 6’5”. Prices range from $1,500 to about $4,000.

Retrospec E-bikes start at just over $1,000, with a few models on sale right now starting at $700. The Beaumont Step Through, with both a 350 watt and 500 watt battery option, is our best selling bike in Retrospec’s line. The Valen Rev, at $1,800, is another popular model that is similar to the Super73 bikes. All
Retrospec bikes feature pedal assist up to 20 MPH, as well as a throttle-only option.   Is a $1,000 bike a good bike for someone who wants to ride dozens of miles every day?   Maybe not, but that's not most riders.  If you're looking for quality bikes at a pricepoint for someone who isn't planning to ride every day, these are a good option.  Step through and step over options available.  Retrospec has given us great support since we've carried them and have a local rep in NWA. 

Denago. One of our newest lines that is a newcomer, with the key staff coming from other major brands in the bike industry.   They feature 5 models, all under $2,000.    All models are rear hub driven to save on cost, with all being pedal assist up to 28MPH.   One unique feature is that their bikes have a setting where you can set the max speed at anywhere from 15 to 28MPH, depending on the setting.   As with most rear hub driven bikes, they have a throttle on them, so you can do throttle only up to 20MPH on all bikes.  They have a two year warranty on the complete bike.   Some of their bikes are for pavement only, with some also being good on gravel and one model good for off road use.  They have gone wider on their tires than many brands (though it's easy to swap out tires) which makes them a bit better on gravel.  Step through and step over options available.  They are one of our two brands that has a two year warranty on the electronic components.  While our newest brand, Denago has a proven team.  We also have a local rep here in the area, that has been in the bike industry for decades.  They've given the rider several options to choose from. 


Another of our newest brands.  They started out as a shop supplying E-bikes to the Houston area 4 years ago and have grown from there.    We know it's hard to look at all the E-bike brands, look at ours from Aventon, Denago and Euphree and try to figure out the differences - it's overwhelming.  At first (and second, third) you look at them all and can't tell the advantages of one over the other).   They've simplified some things to give you choices elsewhere.  They really just have one model (the City Robin) with the 2022 model they're phasing out and the new 2023 version ($1,999).  This is a Class III, 28 MPH bike with a throttle that allows up to 20 MPH.    Also, it comes as a one size fits most from 5'3" to 6'4", so it doesn't work for some shorter riders.   We can make some simple adjustments to fit those on the extreme ends of the spectrum.   Keeping that part simple, they offer more color options than most.   Also, some features no one else in this price range has:  More travel (cushion) on the front shock, an advanced seat post shock, more power, a name brand (Samsung) battery, and the ability to customize how quickly your bike takes off (fast or slow throttle/pedal assist or anywhere in between).  The rear rack is also built into the bike, allowing you to carry up to 100 lbs on it.  We also think the rack being the color of the bike looks cool.  Also, on the new model, they've really cleaned up the front by tucking the cables into the bike instead of leaving them exposed, giving the bike a cleaner look.   They also have a 2 year warranty on all mechanical and electric components. 



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