by Rob Potts February 28, 2023

My friends and people at the store ask me all the time - what's the best E-bike?  That's actually impossible to answer. 

Over the last 23 years, I've probably owned a solid 60 - 70 bikes.  None of them was the perfect bike for me or all my riding.  Certainly none did every type of riding I wanted to.  So it really comes down to a few things:  What type of riding do you want to do;  How do you want to be positioned on the bike;  How far; What features / extras do you want;  What's your budget, etc.   

Just like for regular bikes, there is no one bike that does everything, that holds true for E-bikes.  Though E-Bikes get us much closer than regular bikes as they add a lot of versatility.   In past years, I've usually owned a mountain bike, road bike and gravel/multi terrain bike and sometimes a hybrid bike.  The last year, I've ridden primarily 1 E-bike for everything (though it still doesn't quite suffice for everything I'd like it to do - but it comes close). 

But overall, if I had to say - what's my favorite of all the E-bikes we sell.  It would be this one.  I've ridden them a number of times, but don't own one.  Because it's not the perfect bike for me - there are a couple other styles that suit me better.  For some riders, it's doesn't suit their needs at all.    But as the E-bike I'd consider the most versatile and best value for the money (currently on sale from $2,750 to $2,200) This is it!  

I've ridden this bike on pavement, gravel/dirt and mountain bike trails.   


At $2,200 - it's a crazy good deal.  I'd say arguably the best deal on any E-bike on the market, all factors considered.  Giant has always been good at that, as they manufacture their own components and bikes and are usually able to beat the competition.    Even at $2,750, they still do.   Trek, arguably Giant / Liv's closest competitor, comes in with the Dual Sport at $2,400, but it's less powerful, with a smaller motor and battery, doesn't have a shock and is a rear hub drive.   Not until you hit the Trek Verve 2 do you start getting a similar bike and it's $2,850.   While the Trek has integrated lights and fenders (easily added to the Giant/Liv) it still doesn't have the power of the Giant/Liv, nor does it have a front shock.    At $2,200, I'd say it's the best E-bike deal on the market right now.  How long will it last?  As of the date of this (02/28/23) I don't imagine a whole lot longer, as bike season is heating up.   


The Roam E+ comes in two different frame styles: The Roam E+ GTS (Step Over) and Roam E+ STA (Mid Step Through).  There is also the women's version, the  Liv Rove E (Mid Step Through).   It also has a big brother and big sister, The Explore E and Amiti E, which give more power, more speed and more add on's.  But I've got a whole article comparing all these bikes.  I've linked the article at the end here as well.  

As with all Lewis & Clark bikes, these models come with professional assembly, Free Lifetime Tune-Ups, and our 30 Day Test Ride. So if you order a bike and decide it’s not the right one for you, we’ll give you what you paid and swap out for a different model.  Warranty - all Giant bikes come with lifetime warranties on the frames and 1 year on all parts and components. Giant is first rate at handling warranty issues.   


The bikes are just fun to ride. Hit the pavement, move over to a gravel road, even many of our mountain bike trails - all in the same day!  They're mid drive.   I'm not shy about saying I prefer mid drive for my own riding as it's a much more natural feel.  But again, not for everyone.  That eliminates the ability to have a throttle, which many prefer.   Mid drive have some substantial advantages over rear hub drive bikes, including more climbing power, lighter weight, more miles per charge and more natural feel. The more natural feel is a result of both the motor being integrated into the pedals and 6 different sensors:

Giant’s PedalPlus 6-sensor technology is used in combination with the SyncDrive Life motor technology and features an additional slope detection sensor and accelerometer. While the PedalPlus 6-sensor technology can detect slopes, it also offers an auto support mode function, which helps riders experience a more effortless ride experience. This new sensor technology calculates the amount of torque, cadence, slope and speed and, based on these calculations, determines the amount of motor output the rider needs.

TORQUE SENSOR TECHNOLOGY The torque sensor reacts to pedal pressure. The more pressure you apply to the pedals, the more support you get from the motor. It precisely measures this force so that the motor can deliver a seamless power boost.

SPEED SENSOR TECHNOLOGY The speed sensor works independently from the pressure you are putting on the pedals. It precisely measures the speed the rider is traveling.

MOTOR AND PEDAL ROTATION SENSORS Allows the motor to run as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.

SLOPE DETECTION SENSOR TECHNOLOGY Calculates the steepness of a slope the bike is on, and the amount of acceleration or deceleration the rider puts in. Based on the slope measurement, combined with the other factors, the system is able to automatically adjust motor output.

ACCELEROMETER Measures the amount of acceleration or deceleration the rider puts in. Based on the amount of acceleration, combined with the other factors, the system automatically adjusts motor output.

- Mid Drive will give you substantially more pedal assist miles per charge.   That's why these bikes are rated at up to 95 miles per charge and 50 Nm of torque. 

The Roam / Rove give you 20 MPH pedal assist.   I've had a 20 MPH pedal assist bike the last year.   It suits me for most of my riding.  The times I wish I had 28 MPH is when I commute to work, as I ride a few miles on roads with 25 - 30 MPH speed limits. That would help me keep right up with the cars (well, the ones not speeding).  But I don't need it for most of my riding. 




- Roam E / Rove E are around 48 - 50 lbs, depending on the size.  That's one of our lighter E-bikes. 


That's where this bike really shines.  They're more aggressive geometry than bikes that have a very upright seating position, so not for everyone.  But not as aggressive as mountain bikes and very comfortable.   They also can be adjusted to put the rider in an upright position, with a different stem on the front (an easy fix). 

These two bikes are great on pavement, just as good on gravel/dirt and will even handle our mountain bike trails that have less rugged terrain. 



Giant produces some of the best bikes in the industry and has a great support team backing us up.  They've proven time and time again, over the last 20 years we've carried them, to back their product.

Roam GTS & Roam STA (Step Over).  The stand over will allow easier access, however, the frame won't be quite as rigid.  



Liv Rove E



What's the Verdict.  Overall, all these bikes are a blast to ride.  If you're looking for a light weight bike that will handle a lot of terrain, this is a fantastic bike.   If you want options like lights, fenders, racks, etc. that's very easy to add.  

Whatever you get, if you decide to swap out, we’ll always have the 30 day test ride and the lifetime tune ups/adjustments! We do not want you on the wrong bike and we always want your bike to be in great working order. We can also finance it for 24 months at 0% interest when you sign up with our partner, Unify Federal Credit Union, or 12 months 0% interest with Synchrony. You can try out bikes at our Springdale location and order in-store or online. More questions on e-bikes? Feel free to email me at



Liv Rove E+


 Giant Roam E+




FREE LIFETIME TUNE-UPS: As with all Lewis & Clark bikes, these models come with professional assembly and our Free Lifetime Tune-Up plan. Any time your bike isn’t shifting gears or stopping like it should, just bring it in, and we’ll take care of it. This includes our Standard Tune-up and adjustments. If you bring an E-bike for us to build that came from elsewhere, we charge $150. So the difference between buying a direct to consumer bike and one from us, is about $150 cost to build, then another $100 to $150 you’ll save in tune ups each year.

30 DAY TEST RIDE: It’s hard to know which bike you like until you’ve ridden it. Lewis & Clark has a 30-day test ride program with every bike you purchase. That means you have 30 days to see if it’s the right bike for you. If not, you can bring it back to trade for any other bike we have. Plus, if you’re a rebate member, you’ll get 5% back on E-bikes in store credit (10% on everything else).


Get 0% interest for 24 months when you sign up with our partner, Unify Federal Credit Union, or get 0% Interest for up to 12 months through Synchrony Financial.

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