by Rob Potts March 19, 2023

We've been riding this bike for nearly a year now.  

Who is Gazelle?  They're based in the Netherlands, and they've been building bikes for over 130 years and where 98% of the people use a bike on a regular basis.   With that experience, they really pay attention to the details.  All but one of their bikes have an integrated lock, all have integrated front and rear lights, they have first class paint jobs, all bikes are mid drive (using Bosch systems).    They also have adjustable stems that can be adjusted quickly, for more comfort.  Their bikes are all really for paved trail / gravel road usage.  They are a premium brand, with prices ranging from $2,499 up to $4,999.  We do recommend one with at least 50Nm of torque for our area.  The only one that has less is the Medeo T9 City, with 40Nm of torque.  

Gazelle also has a ten-year warranty on frames, five on suspension forks and two years on everything else.   Most companies do 1-2 years on forks and 1 on parts.  We do have another write up, that includes an overview of the entire Gazelle line up and comparison chart of all their bikes.  

For now, let's get to this bike.  As we've stated before, we don't review bikes until we've ridden them multiple times, by different riders.  We've taken this one on a lot of rides and surfaces of varying terrain, from gravel to paved trails to roads.

It's the Arroyo C7 HMB ($3,399) a bike with pedal assist up to 20 MPH.  There is also an Arroyo C* HMB ($3,699) that is a very similar bike with just a couple of minor upgrades.   

The bike looks great with sleek lines.  The paint job is first class.  We also like how the rack is integrated into the frame.   The bike has built in rack, lights, fenders and a kickstand.  It's made for someone who is using it for daily use.  The rack is great for someone wanting to carry a lot of gear for commuting or adventure trips. 

The ride of this bike is quiet.  Like other Gazelle's, which all use Bosch systems, it's a very quiet ride.  The pedal assist feels so natural, other than the fact that you're going faster than normal and climbing hills with ease, you don't really feel like you're on a bike with a motor - more than you're just a really strong rider!  

- Internal hub with 7 gears.  The internal gears make for less maintenance than a bike with external gears.  It also gives it a clean look.  It's paired with a twist shifter.   This provides good shifting, which is easy to use, but not quite as snappy as the rapid fire (thumb/finger) shifting.   The person riding this bike on the mostly paved terrain, is not typically making a lot of rapid shifting adjustments.  We found the number of gears paired with the pedal assist system to be adequate for paved trail riding, but not quite enough for rough gravel roads.  Still, the bike really is made for paved trail type riding, with the ability to do gravel/dirt.   

- The chain is completely covered with an enclosure, which both limits the amount of road grime deposited on the chain and prevents getting that grime on your clothes (so great for commuting).

- Torque / climbing power / speed.  The bike has 50Nm, which is adequate for our area and will get you up the bigger hills, with pedal assist up to 20 MPH. If you want something with a really snappy response, a bike with rapid fire shifting and external gears will give you that, just not with as clean of lines and low maintenance as this bike is. 

- Equipment.  Gazelle bikes are manufactured in the Netherlands, where not only do they ride bikes everywhere, but they are often left outside.   So, they have a segment of the market they understand as well / better than anyone.  So everything from the lights, hydraulic disc brakes, to the internal rear hub to paint job - great for riding and being exposed to the elements.

- Frame Style / Seating Position.   The Arroyo C7 is a very upright seating position.   One feature that no other bike we carry has - the Arroyo C7 and C8 have a stem that adjusts in seconds (without a tool) to quickly adjust the position of the handlebars and rider.  The adjustment will let you sit upright or lean more forward, for more uneven terrain. The bike comes in a step through only. 


- Battery life / ride per charge.  The bike is rated for up to 70 miles per charge.  Now, we've been testing a Gazelle Arroyo C7 for the last year and have found we can get about 85-90 miles per charge on low and terrain that's level to mildly hilly.  Also, the Gazelle's are so easy to pedal without pedal assist.   So if you use the bike  in this fashion, you'll get even more miles out of it.  

If you're trying to figure out which Gazelle is which, their names always give it away.   "Plus" means 28 MPH.  A number like, 7,8, 9, or 10 in the name tells you how many gears.  "Ultimate" means it's belt driven. C380 means it has a continuously variable transmission.  I've included a link to a full write up of the line below.  

The bike comes in 3 sizes.

Their paint jobs also seem second to none.   Bikes in the Netherlands are used on a daily basis, often left outside in the elements, and Gazelle has responded with very high quality paint jobs. 

Weight on the bike is around 51 lbs. 

Overall, the bike is very comfortable to ride, especially with it being easy to quickly customize in seconds, using the adjustable stem.  It's got a shock in the seatpost for added comfort.   The bike gives you a really quiet, smooth ride.  The tires are made for pavement, with the ability to do gravel as well.  Ours has been on a couple hundred miles of gravel so far.  The internal hub is great for reducing the maintenance needed.   The twist shifter combined with the 50 Nm of torque is more than adequate for our hilly terrain on pavement.   The built in lights are a great addition and the cafe is a nice touch when you want to lock your bike in place.  This has been our best selling Gazelle the last year and for good reason - it's a great bike for the price.  

Want one more gear and a slightly nicer/sleeker shock - look at the Arroyo C8.  Otherwise, it's the same bike.  







  Do You have E-Bikes to Test Ride?

Yes, we have Gazelle E-bikes in stock to demo.    As always, every bike we sell comes with a 30 day test ride, so if you decide you got the wrong bike, bring it back and swap it out for a different model

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