by Rob Potts December 31, 2022

As of December 2022, Euphree is our newest brand.   Navigating the E-bike market can be overwhelming, even for us.  Seemingly overnight, there are hundreds of brands in the world.  

We saw this same phenomenon when Paddle boards exploded on the market several years ago.  Only a fraction of those companies are still around today.  Most were just going to the manufacturer, putting their logo on some product and selling it. 

So we've spent the last few months talking to a lot of E-bike companies, to figure out who not only has a great product but is also a legitimate bike company with all the right personnel and systems needed to follow through on support.  We looked at where are they based (Euphree is based in Houston).   There are a lot of E-bike companies out there that appear to simply be fronts by the manufacturer and don't have the support needed on follow through.  We even looked at Linkedin to find out who their key personnel were, where did they come from and what experience do they have.    Another important factor was do their personnel ride bikes?

With that, Euphree is one of our two newest additions, along with Denago, who both met that criteria.  

We first got in a couple of their bikes and had our sales and maintenance Outfitters evaluate them.  We found the bikes were great and quality and they also look great!

THEIR MISSION: To design ebikes that are so comfortable and innovative that they become your primary commuting option and to treat every customer like they are the first customer we've ever had.

Their founder, Daniel Basaldua, left the Oil and Gas industry after building his first E-bike for his sister.   That lead him to the founding of Euphree and now he's in the energy sector in an entirely different role - helping get people riding bikes more often, and replacing some of those car miles with bike miles.    

So with that, let's look at their bikes.  They have approached the market primarily carrying one model in a size that fits most riders, and continuing to improve on that model over the past few years.  That's both a unique and good approach, as it's enabled them to continue to improve on this model, based on rider and bike shop feedback   Currently, they have the City Robin 2022 (second generation of bikes for them) and the City Robin X that is replacing it.   

The City Robin is a one size fits most bike.  Their size range recommendation is for riders 5'3" to 6'4".  We agree with this.  We've already had customers from 5'3" to 6'3" get the bike and ride it comfortably.   The step through frame design allows for a wide range of riders and we can make adjustments to the seat and handlebar position to shorten or lengthen the bike.  We can also swap out handlebars, as the handlebar on there can be swapped out to effectively lengthen the bike as well.  Having a bike that can fit a wide range of rider heights is great for any household.  If you're under 5'3", feel free to give it a test ride, though you might be more comfortable on a bike with multiple sizes (we have plenty of options). 

It's a Class 3 E-bike, meaning it will give you pedal assist up to 28 MPH.  It also has a throttle only feature up to 20 MPH.  

One note on frame design.  The "step through" design has always been thought of as a "women's" bike.  The reason is because women wore dresses in the 1800's when bikes came out and the frame tradition has never changed.  However, with E-bikes, over half of our E-bikes sold are step through designs, for both men and women.  This is an important factor not only for getting onto the bike, but as we start adding racks, bags, etc. on the back of a bike, the step over models become a bigger challenge to get on and off.  

With respect to quality, they use higher quality components than many other brands we've found with bikes in this same price range, particularly the brakes. 

Other cool additions we've noticed:

- A premium Suntour shock in the seatpost, for more comfortable riding.  This is an amazing addition many bikes in this price range don't have.   There is one potential drawback with it for shorter riders, as it adds about 3" to the seat height compared to a standard seatpost.  We've found many riders like to have their feet flat footed on the ground when they start riding.   We'll say a couple things about this:  1) That often produces a seat height that is a bit lower than it should be for optimum riding;  2) We get it - most new riders are more comfortable starting out with their feet squarely on the ground.  For me on most bikes, the best I can do is get a toe on the ground when starting my bike to have the seat at an optimal riding position.  So I recommend for new riders, if you makes you feel more comfortable you can surely start out with the seat lower than for an optimal riding position, and as you get more comfortable riding a bike, please consider raising the seatpost to a optimal riding (and not necessarily starting) position.   That being the case, for those shorter riders, we can add a standard seatpost (reducing the height 3" or a more standard shock seatpost, reducing the the height about 1.5"; 

- A shifter/derailleur guard to protect the gears;

- They've tucked the front cables into the frame on the new City Robin X, getting the cables out of the way and giving it a cleaner look.  You can see the differences in the pictures of this look when comparing the 2022 and X Models.  

- The colors are fantastic, paint jobs high quality and the brown leather handlebar comfort grips and matching seat are a nice touch.  The fit and finish of the frame are top quality; 

- Built in rear rack, gives it a 100 lb capacity on the rack and a very clean look; 

- Rear motor has more torque than many other comparable bikes, for more climbing power; 

- Adjustable power on the controller, allowing the bike to take off faster or slower, depending on your preference; 

The bike is a few lbs heavier than other comparable models, coming in at 56 lbs.  That's primarily due to the built in rack, suspension seatpost, beefier front shock than is typical on these types of bikes. 

With respect to mechanical and electronic equipment and performance, the bikes have quality and name brand mechanical and electronic components.   It's a rear hub driven bike, with 7 mechanical gears and 5 levels of pedal assist.   It does have Samsung batteries, where many of it's competitors use high quality generic batteries.   The bikes are rated at up to 60 miles per charge.  Both models have built in fenders as well.   

On our first test rides, we loved the way the bike handled and liked the brakes which performed well and were quiet. The motor is quieter than some other bikes we've test ridden as well.   The bike is easy to get off and on, rides smoothly and we loved the ability on the new model to customize how quickly the bike takes off, in addition to the 5 levels of pedal assist.  The curved handlebars give a comfortable, upright ride, though some of the taller riders can swap this out for a straight handlebar, effectively lengthening the bike a couple of inches.  

The company is headquartered in Houston.  The bikes we got in, we ordered on a Friday and Received on the following Wednesday.  

What are some of the differences between the City Robin 2022 and City Robin X?  It's hard to pass up the $1,699 price for the 2022 model as it's got a lot more features than comparably priced bikes, but the new model has some great new features. 




- Power;  Both are 500 watt motors, but the X has 900 watts of peak power for addition assistance when climbing, with the 2022 has 750 (standard for the industry); 

- Gearing.  Both have 7 mechanical gears, but the X has a bigger front chain ring for more top end speed; 

- Appearance.  The X version has the cables tucked into the front headset, giving it both a nicer appearance and just less opportunities to snag those front wires.  The 2022 Version is only left in black and white, while the X Version comes in black, white, blue and green; 

- Shape.  Nearly identical frames, but the new X Version is slightly taller in the front, giving a more upright, comfortable ride, though the difference is minimal;

- Electronic Controls.  Both have the same controllers and display, however, the X Version has the ability to customize how quickly the pedal assist responds when taking off.  This is a great addition; 

- Lights.  Both have front and rear tail lights.  The X Version doubles the brightness and the tail light also doubles as a brake light; 

- Mounts.  The 2022 version has one water bottle mount and the X Version 2.  This is a really nice addition for longer rides. The X Version has a cell phone case mount, which is a nice addition.  

- Seat.  Both have a comfortable seat.  The X Version has a wider saddle, more comfortable for newer riders, though any seat can be put on any bike.  

- Warranty.  Both models have a 2 year warranty on both the mechanical and electronic components. This is a nice addition, as many brands only have a one year warranty on these components. 

As always, all of our bikes come with a 30 Day Test Ride.  So if you decide it's not the right bike for you, you can swap out for one that is.    You can shop our E-bikes on the link below.  


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